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Our Family

Dogs are not only our furry friends, they are members of the family and should be treated as such. So here at Groom To Bloom, we treat them with love, respect, and empathy. We make sure they enjoy their time with us and feel as comfortable as possible because we care about them from the moment they walk in!

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We're proud to be a part of the caring and professional dog grooming industry for over 30 years.

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You had us at Woof Woof!

You've come to the right place if you want the best Groomers looking after all your dogs' grooming needs. We are located in Stamford, CT, and we offer services from a full-service wash to breed-specific grooming while taking great pride in everything we do.


Our groomers specialize in trimming your dog and caring for how they feel. With their expert scissor skills, pets are beautiful and much more comfortable.

What grooming does for your dog goes beyond just making them look good. It helps to maintain their health too because regular grooming can help keep your pup clean, healthy, and happy.







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Our services

A groomer's job is to make sure your puppy stays comfy and enjoys its stay while getting groomed. We believe in working around your dog's energy and needs. We pay close attention to their behavior and accommodate the experience to match.


We join them on a nice stroll if they need to be walked.


If your dog needs a break, we give it to them.


If they feel anxious, we give them the space they need until they are ready for us.

Because we are more than just a dog grooming spa, we are a place your dog can call home while they are with us!

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They do a perfect job on my mini Bernedoodle. It looks fresh and clean and grows in even and tidy. And they take sweet pics of him! - Kalyn Jahansouz

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875 Cove Road, Stamford, CT 06902

Phone: (475) 619 - 9786 | Fax: (203) 274-7231

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