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Our Family

Welcome to Groom To Bloom: Where Every Tail Wag is a Stamp of Approval 🐾

Hey there, dog-loving fam! If you're looking for a grooming service where your fur baby is treated like royalty, you've just hit the jackpot. But let's set the record straight—our grooming sessions aren't about speed; they're about care, comfort, and that oh-so-special connection with your pooch.

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Groom To Bloom.png

We get it—time is precious. But when it comes to grooming, faster doesn't mean better. Why? Because every dog is a world unto themselves—with unique temperaments, needs, and oh, those adorable quirks!

Tailored Care: We customize our approach based on your doggo's vibes for the day. Feeling playful or a tad shy? We adjust, always.


Rest & Relaxation: Sometimes, the best thing for Fido is a little break or even a quick walk around the block.

Quality Over Speed: We refuse to rush. We're in the business of creating wagging tails, not ticking clocks.

So if you're wondering why it may take a few hours to groom your pup, it's because we're committed to doing it right. And honestly, wouldn't you rather have a blissed-out doggo than a stressed-out one?

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Groom To Bloom.png

Why We Take Our Time You Ask?

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Groom To Bloom.png

Trust The Process, Love The Result!

We're not just grooming dogs; we're creating an experience they'll wag about—tail and all. So roll with us, and let's make grooming not just another chore, but an extraordinary experience for your four-legged family member.







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Our services

A groomer's job is to make sure your puppy stays comfy and enjoys its stay while getting groomed. We believe in working around your dog's energy and needs. We pay close attention to their behavior and accommodate the experience to match.


We join them on a nice stroll if they need to be walked.


If your dog needs a break, we give it to them.


If they feel anxious, we give them the space they need until they are ready for us.

Because we are more than just a dog grooming spa, we are a place your dog can call home while they are with us!

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They do a perfect job on my mini Bernedoodle. It looks fresh and clean and grows in even and tidy. And they take sweet pics of him! - Kalyn Jahansouz

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875 Cove Road, Stamford, CT 06902

Phone: (475) 619 - 9786 | Fax: (203) 274-7231

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