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Our services


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Why is grooming so important:

  • Your dog will feel less uncomfortable in their skin and more at home if you groom them. Instead, they'll develop fewer skin conditions, allergies, and health problems in general.

  • Grooming your dog is just one of the many things to help them become more confident and social.

  • Grooming your dog will keep them healthy, happy, and safe. It makes dogs more content, and it helps keep diseases away. And of course, they will look great!

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Dogs that are 6 months and younger. This includes face trim, feet trim, nails, and sanitary trim. This is to help puppies get used to the wonderful world of spa days in the future!

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This is the perfect haircut for your dog as It will surely keep them cool during the hot summer months. This haircut will be short and sweet, so your pup will be able to cool off quicker love it!

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We will advise you if your dog's fur is heavily matted. This may mean we need to go slightly shorter to cut away any knots or tangles.

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Includes hair cut, bath, nail trim, ear clean out, and bow/bandana.

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This clip leaves your dog with an overall coat to keep it warm during the colder months of winter.

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Our Groomers are specially trained to make your dog look just like the breed it's supposed to be. Unlike show dogs, we do great work with your loving dog.

Our #1 priority when grooming your dog is to consult with you about what service you would like and address any expectations. We will do our best to accommodate your specific haircut request, however ultimately your dog's safety and comfort level is our priority. We will make sure your dog is clean, happy, and comfortable first and foremost.


Please make sure our Groomers are aware in advance of any concerns or pup tendencies we should be aware of so that we have a happy dog and a happy customer.

It's always best to treat your pets well they deserve the same amount of care and love as any human family member. So at Groom To Bloom Dog Spa, we offer a unique environment where we treat people and their pets like royalty.


  • Dematting Brush Out

  • De-Shedding Treatment

  • De-Skunking Treatment

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Flea Bath

  • Tick Shampoo

  • Nail Grind with Groom

  • Sanitary Trim

  • Special Shampoo

  • Teeth Brushing - 5 minutes $5

Prepare for your visit - By Appointment Only

Please download and fill out these two forms prior to your visit.

Electronic Forms

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Proof of up-to-date rabies vaccines is also required. Please bring a copy upon the drop-off time. You may also fax or email a copy. Due to high demand, we are currently booking appointments 2 weeks in advance. We do our best to accommodate all our dogs in a fashion that provides the utmost quality grooming time for your pet.

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We have been going to Maribel for a few years now and we have to say she does an EXCELLENT job. We always pick up Max and he is always so happy! Always looking and smelling GREAT. We love going to Maribel! - Dayanne Quito

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